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20 May
Posted by Nikola Ellis

The Art of Savouring

Have you noticed how your appreciation for something increases when you know it's about to end? Perhaps you savour the views on the last day of your holiday. Maybe you hold your kids more closely just before they leave for school camp. It could just be relishing an extra 10 minutes in bed before the alarm goes off!

Whether you know it or not, in those precious moments when you really appreciate what's happening in the here and now, you're practicing the sacred art of coming into the present moment. It's a delightful experience of mindfulness that has long term positive effects on your health and wellbeing. 

Whether you've heard it from your yoga teacher or read it in a self help book, it's likely you've come across the instruction to ‘come into the present moment.’ That's sound advice, but how can you practice that on a day to day basis and what are the benefits?

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