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01 Oct
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Mirror, mirror on the yoga studio wall

“But how do people check their alignment?” This question came from a yoga teacher trainee who’d just heard there are no mirrors in my studio. I was guest teaching on an RYT200 course in Queensland and many of the trainees had worked for some years as group fitness instructors – checking alignment in the mirror was a natural (and frequent) part of their teaching toolkit.

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04 Sep
Posted by Nikola Ellis

unite! yoga is for everybody

You might have noticed that many of the Adore Yoga blogposts talk about yoga and body image. From stating the obvious (in the advertising world, all yogis are young, thin and white) to considering how yoga can address, or entrench, negative body image, this blog often explores the connection between yoga, the way we feel about ourselves and how diversity in the yoga community is (or isn’t) represented. And I’m not alone.

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23 Jul
Posted by Nikola Ellis


Three apparently unconnected events here in Bali today intertwined to give me a deeper insight into both myself and many of my students.


Firstly, a fellow traveller asked me “How do you travel overseas for nearly a month with just one small piece of cabin baggage?” as she pointed to the three hefty bags she’d brought along for her 10 day break.


Secondly, when I got to my emails, I (politely) turned down an invitation to speak at an ‘empowering women’ themed event in Sydney.


Thirdly, I flicked into Facebook and shared a post that read “Mother Theresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs. She did shit.”

What have these three things got in common? Look closely and you’ll discover a powerful illustration of the forces that stop many of us from fulfilling our potential.

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