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15 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

How meditation helps a social worker at home and at work

Tami Forsyth is a social worker who recently completed the Adore Meditation Facilitator Certificate. Tami shares how her family, co-workers and clients have benefited from her training as she uses her meditation skills at home and at work.


I'm a team leader at a women's refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence, so I work with clients with multiple issues. I am also responsible for looking after the well-being of the support workers here. I am a single mum with 3 children, including two teenagers who still live at home.

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14 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

What I learned in Meditation Facilitator Training

Joanna Frankham, a certified health coach, completed the Adore Meditation Facilitator Certification in January 2017. In this blog, she offers some insights into her personal learning and how she’s using her skills in meditation facilitation in her daily life and work.


My personal meditation practice continues to be a work in progress. I strongly suspect that won’t change over the course of my life. What has changed is my understanding of the physical process of meditation, and – in turn - my response to this process.

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08 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Pranayama -  How yoga breathing brings balance

Does your regular yoga class include pranayama? Pranayama, yoga breathing techniques, can have a more profound impact on your health and wellbeing than any number of yoga poses. Depending on the technique you choose, pranayama can:

  • Soothe anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost energy
  • Bring balance
  • Create instant calm
  • Reduce headaches/migraines
  • Release muscle tension/pain
  • Promote healing from chronic disease by reducing inflammation in the body

So how does it work? And why isn’t everybody doing it?

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27 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Grounding Yoga for Difficult Days

These are difficult days. The cultural, political and environmental landscapes are shifting radically and many of us struggle to stay positive. This is when we need yoga most. Yoga can be a powerful force for positive transformation, but before we can go out there and change the world, we need to manage the world within.


The first step is to stay grounded. It’s challenging to stay steady and grounded when everything around you seems to be whirling at a million miles an hour, but yoga can help.

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25 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Yoga mantras for healing



Are mantras part of your mediation practice? You don’t have to be a great singer to chant mantras (you can even recite them silently) and once you get the hang of it, you'll be blown away by how powerful they are.

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24 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

How yoga nidra saved my life. Twice.

When I was 21 I had a nervous breakdown. Well, that’s what the doctor said. A toxic combination of untreated depression, exam worries and self-medication with a variety of substances tipped me into a year of hell.


Nobody knew what to do with me. The doctors prescribed drugs, my mother ran out of ideas (for the first time in her life) and most of my friends drifted away when they realized things weren’t going back to normal any time soon.

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13 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Self love for valentines day

Looks like Valentines Day is on the way again.  Are you hoping for flowers and romance?


While it’s nice to be adored, it’s a truism that we have to love ourselves first. No matter how much attention is showered on us by friends and lovers, if we don’t love ourselves enough to truly believe we’re worth all the effort, we can remain curiously unsatisfied (and even anxious– “What if they find out I’m really not that nice/pretty after all and abandon me?!”)


If you can’t offer yourself love and compassion, it’s hard to believe you deserve it from somebody else. And the worst culprits for neglecting to appreciate and care for themselves?  Women who spend a lot of time caring for others. OK, disclosure time. That’s me too.

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11 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Bedtime meditation for kids

What does the word ‘Bed-time’ conjure up for you? Images of fluffy pillows and crisp white sheets? Maybe a glass of warm milk and a good book? If you’re the parent of a young child, chances are the images in your head are not quite so tranquil!

Bed time is often the most challenging part of the day. 

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06 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Meditation? I'd love to but I don't have time...

Yeah, that was me. I'd spent years thinking about meditating, reading articles about it and telling my friends how good it was. I even bought a meditation cushion. But I never got around to actually meditating. I tried to concentrate on those breathing exercises at the end of my yoga classes, but my mind kept wandering off to domestic tasks, jobs left undone, shopping lists to write etc. etc. etc.

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02 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

The day i lost my yoga students


At first, I thought it was the weather – a wet week often sees student numbers drop at the yoga studio. Then the sun came out, but the students didn’t return.


In my heart of hearts, I knew why my students had gone. I was a rotten teacher. I hadn’t started off that way. My passion for sharing the healing magic of yoga had seen my classes numbers build, with many students coming back term after term.


But things had changed and I knew I wasn’t giving my students what they needed. I couldn’t. I had nothing left to give.

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