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14 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

What I learned in Meditation Teacher Training

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Joanna Frankham, a certified health coach, is a graduate of the Adore Yoga Meditation Teacher Training. In this blog, she offers some insights into her personal learning and how she’s using her skills in meditation facilitation in her daily life and work.


My personal meditation practice continues to be a work in progress. I strongly suspect that won’t change over the course of my life. What has changed is my understanding of the physical process that happens when you learn to meditate, and – in turn - my response to this process.


I entered the Meditation Teacher Training with a good understanding of the health benefits of meditation. I had dabbled with a number of mindfulness techniques in the past, but my chatty and critical inner voice would always get in the way.


This training provided me with a set of tools to work with in my practice, but, even more importantly for me (as somebody who needs to understand the ‘why’ of a subject as I learn), it taught me the theory and philosophy behind the practice.  It was this combination that particularly resonated for me.


I now fully understand why we call meditation a ‘practice’!  Some days it’s really hard. But, as I chip away at it, trying out new techniques for size and seeing what works for me, I worry less. I’m calmer and less reactive. There are fewer bumps along the way. My sleep has improved.


As a health coach who specialises in working with autoimmune sufferers, my practice is all about supporting clients in making diet and lifestyle changes to mitigate their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Stress management (and learning how to meditate) is central to this process.


Most autoimmune sufferers are ‘type A’ personalities. The majority are women and most are very good at giving of themselves to others while placing their own self care low on their list of priorities.


The Meditation Teacher Training has provided me with a whole passel of tools to add to my coaching toolbox. Ultimately though, I have a deeper appreciation of the importance of helping my clients create some space in their lives and we work together to achieve this.


I undertook the Meditation Teacher Training for myself. I am not a qualified yoga teacher and, until about 12 months ago, I was very much the anti-yogi. I felt I wasn’t young enough, slim enough, bendy enough… all the ‘enoughs’ to practice yoga! The person who changed that for me was Nik at Adore Yoga.


Nik has a pragmatic and warm style. She’s welcoming and inclusive but she’s very real. I suspect her more than two decades of learning and practicing yoga along with her study in psychotherapy are a big part of what makes her approach work for me. Whatever it is, I’m a fan!


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Joanna (Jo) Frankham, is a certified health coach who specialises in supporting sufferers of autoimmune disease. She coaches clients in how to improve their health and lifestyle using the principles of the Autoimmune Protocol. She is particularly interested in effecting behavioural change to support healthier choices. You can find her at and Jo also consults with The Paleo Mom Consulting.

Nikola Ellis

Nikola Ellis is the founder of Adore Yoga, yoga therapist, counsellor and teacher trainer. She conducts regular trainings that help people of all ages, shapes and abilities enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation, including Meditation Facilitator Certificate Trainings; Level 1 200hr Teacher Training and Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training in Mental Health, Adaptive Asana and the Foundations of Yoga Therapy and a highly regarded professional 650hr Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy.