A moving meditation that changes everything

Struggling to focus during meditation? Perhaps your students are reluctant to sit for more than a minute or two in meditation? Adding movement to meditation is a game-changer. Try this practice (or share it with your students) and see how the experience of meditation is transformed. 

Using movement, sound and breathing techniques in meditation can: 


  • Make the practice more interesting for your students
  • Help settle the mind, breath and body for seated meditation
  • Provide an alternative to long sitting practices
  • Support students who might not benefit from silent sitting practices due to anxiety, ADHD, PTSD panic disorder and other issues. 

So how do you integrate movement and meditation so seamlessly that one flows into the other, creating a blissfully calming flow?

Join me for a 37 minute practice that skilfully blends movement, breath and sound. It's a rhythmic meditation that harmonises body, mind and breath, making the seated meditation at the end a peaceful pleasure. 

As you watch the video, you'll also be getting a peek at the Adore Meditation Teacher Training. Our latest group of hard-working student teachers graduated last weekend and this video shows you one of the morning practices we enjoyed together. 

Click on the image below and enjoy the practice!

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 6.08.44 pm