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21 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

5 Things You're Doing Wrong In Private Yoga Classes

How are your private yoga classes going? Are students breaking down your door to enjoy quality one-on-one time with you? Teaching private yoga lessons is a great way to offer extra value to your students and build a new source of income. But if your students aren’t returning for regular, ongoing private classes, you're probably doing it all wrong.


Teaching successful and ongoing private classes requires a very different skill set to teaching group yoga classes. So how do you serve your private students in a way that turns them into delighted, repeat customers? Take a look at the top 5 mistakes yoga teachers are making in private classes and see what you can change.


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06 Feb
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Kitchari - a simple ayurvedic recipe for gut health


Kitchari - a blend of basmati rice and moong dal - is staple recipe in Ayurveda, India's ancient system of healing. The combination of rice and dal create a balanced, nutritious dish that can be enhanced with different spices according to your body type - or the time of year. Read on to discover a delicious Kitchari recipe to nourish your body, heal your gut and balance your energy.


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