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12 Jun
Posted by Nikola Ellis

beauty and the yogi


There’s been a backlash lately against the images of perfectly toned bodies that are used to represent yoga in the media. This is important– yoga is for everybody and people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and sexual identities should see themselves reflected in yoga imagery. But are we at risk of replacing the idolization of one body type (young, skinny, white) with the objectification of all yoga bodies?

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05 Jun
Posted by Nikola Ellis



Here are some things students have said to me this week:


“I’m ashamed that I still feel resentment towards my ex-partner. That’s not very yogic, is it?”


“Anger is corrosive. It keeps bubbling up and I hate myself for it.”


“ I’m a yoga teacher but I hate my body. I’m such a fraud.”


At the heart of these statements lies the conviction that feeling anger, resentment, disgust and any other ‘negative’ emotion is a bad thing. It’s un-yogic. Where did so many of us get that idea? How did we come to believe that being a yoga practitioner means vanquishing all emotions except that elusive ‘bliss’ state that we see in the dreamy expressions of Instagram yogis meditating on the beach?

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