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25 Sep
Posted by Nikola Ellis

4 Reasons Mentoring is Vital for Yoga Teachers

If you’re like most yoga teachers, you’re pretty much out there on your own. No line managers, no mentor, no colleagues. Just you, taking yoga to the world. While that might be OK for a while, in long term, that’s bad news for both you and your students.


Why? Because you are not as resilient, impartial, skilled or well balanced as you think you are. Nobody is. That’s why most professionals working in the ‘helping’ industries have mandatory mentoring, supervision or other mechanisms for looking after themselves and their clients.

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10 Sep
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Yoga for Cancer Research Roundup


Does yoga really help people living with cancer? What does the research say? If you're going to teach or practice yoga in the hope that it can help students manage their cancer treatment, it's important to understand the evidence base. The Yoga for Cancer Research Roundup is a special report that highlights cutting edge research on yoga for cancer. 

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03 Sep
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Yoga Therapy Research Roundups

Yoga Therapy is quickly becoming an in-demand complementary therapy. Once a niche of the yoga industry, Yoga Therapy is now routinely found in public hospitals, private clinics, mental health, disability and cancer survivorship programs.


One of the reasons Yoga Therapy is gaining such popularity in the medical community is the growing evidence base. Over the last ten years, research into the benefits of Yoga Therapy has blossomed, with scientists studying the effects of yoga on people with mental health, musculoskeletal, auto-immune and many other health issues.

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