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09 Jan
Posted by Nikola Ellis

5 Ways to teach yoga from the heart

I recently ran into Joanne, an old friend and an experienced yoga teacher. She wasn’t feeling very yogic.  “Why can’t yoga teachers just teach from what they know?” she said, exasperated. “If one more teacher quotes Rumi at me, I’ll scream!”


Now, Joanne wasn’t suggesting that we have nothing to learn from Rumi or that yoga teachers shouldn’t find inspiration in spiritual texts. That’s clearly not true. Her problem, as she explained, was the use of cookie-cutter scripts in yoga classes.

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01 Jan
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training – Home-School Style

When I first started practicing in the late 80’s, yoga wasn’t being offered on the same industrial scale as today. Teachers taught classes in community halls and back bedrooms and teacher training was usually conducted informally in small groups or one-on-one.


By the time I started teaching yoga in 2002, the landscape had changed dramatically.  Yoga schools and teacher trainings were proliferating across the country and new multi-room professional studios were being built. As the owner of a new and rather small yoga studio, I wondered how I should develop and sustain my little business.  I looked around at the growth in the yoga industry and thought that my studio had to keep growing and getting more ‘professional’ in order to survive.

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