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17 Nov
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Why you should be using video messages in your yoga business (and how).

This is a picture of me doing something that has been making a big difference to my yoga teaching and to my students.

Video messaging.

It’s free, it's super easy and it’s achieved three amazing things in my yoga business:


1.           My students LOVE it

2.           I’ve saved a tonne of time

3.           It’s made me more money


The great thing about video messaging is that there are no big video files to upload or download. You make a recording using a free app which then generates a URL (web link) to send to your students. 


I’ll explain a bit more about how it works, and share the apps that I use, in a moment. But I want to share with you how I’m using video messaging and why it’s helping me save time, make more money and make my students very happy!


Here are five ways I use video messaging:

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10 Nov
Posted by Nikola Ellis

The 9-step formula to find new yoga students

Are you looking for a simple way to build your student numbers? This blog walks you through a proven 9-step process for finding - and keeping - new yoga students. 

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03 Nov
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Have your say - the state of online yoga in Australia

Love it or hate it, online yoga is here to stay. 


  • Have you embraced teaching online and flourished?
  • Did you give it a go but didn't get the results you hoped for?
  • Perhaps you didn't dip your toes in the digital waters at all.


We want to shine a light on the state of online yoga teaching in Australia and we need your help to do it.

Tell us about your experiences in Australia's biggest survey of online teaching. You'll be helping to support yoga teachers across the country with vital information on the successes and pitfalls of online teaching. 

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