Bedtime meditation for kids

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What does the word ‘Bed-time’ conjure up for you? Images of fluffy pillows and crisp white sheets? Maybe a glass of warm milk and a good book? If you’re the parent of a young child, chances are the images in your head are not quite so tranquil!

Bed time is often the most challenging part of the day. 

My daughter has always been pretty good at getting herself ready for bed and settling down, but my little boy still sees bedtime as a great game that involves jumping on the bed, going to the toilet several times, playing with his noisiest toys and generally getting himself over excited. 

Even my daughter has difficult nights, especially if something’s bothering her and she’s feeling anxious.

A ‘mummy’ story has always been part of the bed-time routine, a tale that I make up on the spur of the moment that reflects the day my children have had. Recently, however, I’ve been adding a meditation to the story. I’ve found it helps to have them do some visualization for themselves, rather than just passively listening to a story.

My children have grown to love these meditations and visualizations and, as well as helping them to settle down at night, they often ask for them after school and on weekends. I decided to record some of my bedtime meditations so that my kids could listen to them any time they liked.

Because these recordings have been so useful for my own children, I thought I’d share them with the mums and dads at Adore Yoga. Please try our free Kids Relaxation Meditation with your children (it's great for kids around 4-10yrs) and see how they respond to them.

I’d love to hear your feedback – any comments, ways that you and your children use the meditation, ideas for changes or improvements etc. will all be gratefully received. In the meantime, sweet dreams!

Download your free Bedtime Meditation for Kids.

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