Conducting private yoga assessments

Do you feel confident conducting an assessment with a private yoga student? Do you know how to figure out exactly what that student needs and then create a practice that fully supports their unique needs? 


If you're not 100% sure, you're not alone. Many yoga teachers and yoga therapists find it challenging to properly assess private students. If that sounds like you, you'd definitely benefit from using the 4-step assessment process used by Yoga Therapists. It's called the Vyuha Model and it comes from that authentic source of yoga wisdom, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 

In this video, I run through the 4 steps of this model and show you how to use them in your private yoga sessions. You'll find this process really helps you to:


  • Assess a student's needs
  • Understand their goals
  • Choose exactly the right yoga poses and techniques to support them

I've also created a free and fabulous e-book to help you practice this process with your students. The e-book walks you through each step of the model so you can try it out right away.


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Watch the video below (13 minutes) to learn all about the 4 Step Model of private student assessment.

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