English breakfast tea and the art of yoga sequencing


How do yoga therapists and experienced teachers design safe and effective yoga sequences that support the unique needs of each student? And how do they do it day after day, without getting bored or running out of inspiration?

The answer can be found in classical yoga. There is a traditional concept that, once you learn how it works, steps you through the process of developing the ideal yoga practice for every student.

And. Because I'm English, there's a very LARGE teacup involved.

Actually, the teacup is optional, but I do like to use a handy tea analogy to explain how this sequencing concept works. It's all to do with the steps you take - and the order in which you take those steps. Just like making a cup of tea. Ready to learn how to sequence unique, effective and inspiring yoga sequences? Watch the video below (it's probably more fun than trying to read a whole lot of text about it.


This video is a 6 minute snippet of a live online workshop from our Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. Watch it now and learn how to sequence private and group classes that give your students exactly the practice they need. 



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