Your students need calm - here's your free meditation e-course

Free meditation mini e-course


We could all do with a big dose of calm right now. The anxiety, stress and fear generated by the COVID-19 crisis is real. Governments are ramping up mental health services to cope with the fall-out. My students, some of whom have been resistant to the idea of meditating for years, are asking for more meditation and relaxation in (online) class.


Several of the yoga teachers I mentor have asked for more meditation resources, so I've developed a free meditation mini e-course for you and your students. In this interactive online course, you'll learn:


  • The neuroscience of meditation - WHY it works
  • How to practice and teach 3 different meditation styles
  • How yoga and meditation work together

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This mini e-course takes some of the content from our Online Meditation Teacher Training and breaks it down for teachers and students who are new to, or not very confident with, meditation. At the end of this course, you will:


  • Understand the science and philosophy underpinning meditation. 

  • Be able to confidently practice three types of meditation.

  • Be able to practice and teach two breathing exercises to help prepare for meditation.
  • Be able to identify the key obstacles to successful meditation and how to overcome them.
  • Be able to identify common myths about meditation and know the truth behind the myths.


The course also includes a link to high quality meditation resources that you can use for yourself or when teaching your students. 


Got a question about sharing yoga and meditation with your students in this rapidly changing teaching environment? Just ask. My passion is supporting yoga teachers to do their best work. We'll get through this together.