Grounding Yoga for Difficult Days

Grounding yoga and meditation for difficult times

These are difficult days. Our lives, work, relationships and environments are shifting radically and many of us are struggling to stay positive. This is when we need yoga most. 


The first step is to get grounded. That's a real challenge when everything around you is whirling at high speed.


But you can do it. You can create a calm centre from which to decide how you respond to what's going on in the world. And you can teach your students how to do that too.


This grounding yoga and meditation practice will help you and your students stay calm and steady as you navigate the difficult days. You can use it as an emergency remedy, but a daily commitment to practice will reduce the number of emergencies you experience. This practice includes:


  • A simple relaxing asana practice (yoga poses)
  • A balancing pranayama practice (yoga breathing technique)
  • A grounding meditation

Get Grounded