How meditation helps a social worker at home and at work

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Tami Forsyth is a social worker who completed her Meditation Teacher Training with Adore Yoga. Tami shares how her family, co-workers and clients have benefited from her training as she uses her new skills to help others learn to meditate.


I'm a team leader at a women's refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence, so I work with clients with multiple issues. I am also responsible for looking after the well-being of the support workers here. I am a single mum with 3 children, including two teenagers who still live at home.


Before I attended the Meditation Facilitator Certificate course, I was completely burnt out - physically and emotionally. I had been working in a crisis service for over 5 years and was great at looking after other people, just not myself. I was always a sceptic about yoga and meditation until a year before doing the course when I started attending a yoga class locally and could feel myself changing. I was calmer and able to cope with everything in a different way, a calmer way.


Once I saw the results of yoga on my life and those of my workers also doing the yoga, I started to look into meditation. I was already doing it at the end of my yoga classes but I wanted to be able to provide meditation skills to my clients and colleagues. While doing the Meditation Facilitator Certification, I feel I learned a lot about myself and how to help others. By learning about Ayurveda and meditation, I found a way to function better and find out what I needed before helping everyone around me. I discovered the sun mantra "surya" and today wherever I am I will chant that quietly to myself and I instantly feel calm and at peace.


Since completing the Meditation Facilitator Certification, I have been offering mediation sessions at work, especially at the beginning and end of meetings. I have only done a few but my goal for this year is to make it a regular session for support workers.


The way I have used meditation for clients is by introducing some grounding techniques. I guess overall the course gave me a better insight into trauma and how the experiences of our past can influence our behaviour and reactions in the future. 


This year I am starting a double degree in psychology and counselling and only feel I am able to take this on after the learning I have done through Adore Yoga in coping with stress and looking after myself.


It was not just the course content that changed my life but also meeting other like minded people through the course. I made friendships that have lasted beyond the course and felt I learned a lot listening to other people’s journeys and lives and the common issues we all come across coping with life, kids, relationships, work and more.


I think the bonding experience is as important as the course, which was so loaded with interesting information. I can't explain how much better my life has become after attending the Meditation Facilitator Certification and then going to India with Adore Yoga, which was another amazing experience.


Having the opportunity to teach a meditation session on the India trip was one of the highlights for me. I feel very honoured to take people on a journey and learn how to meditate even if just for 15 or 20 minutes that furthers their own journey to self awareness.


Thank you to Tami Forsyth for her generosity in sharing her experiences with Adore Yoga. 


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