How to teach chanting

Woman chanting yoga mantras

You love chanting in a group.

You're curious about the benefits of chanting.

You'd love to share the joy of chanting with your students.

You just don't feel very confident or knowledgable.


If the statements above sound familiar to you, you're going to love the free mini e-course I've made for you.


Your step by step guide to teaching chanting. 

I LOVE chanting. It creates a kind of focused, ecstatic calm that nothing else can quite match. As a yoga therapist, I often use chanting to support students to manage their health and chanting plays an important part in the Adore Yoga Therapy teacher training programs. 

You've probably experienced chanting in a yoga workshop or retreat. You might even chant an 'Om' when you teach your own classes. But teaching chanting to your students can seem daunting if you haven't had any formal training in chant or mantra. 

That's why I developed this mini e-course. It's a 37 minute practical introduction to teaching chanting. I've broken it down in to simple steps to help you build your skills and confidence. In this free course, you'll learn: 

  • The benefits of chanting
  • The difference between chant and mantra
  • How to teach chanting in a 'call and response' format
  • How to break down chants to make them easier to learn

Are you ready to learn? Click the link below to access the course now - it's completely free: 


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