Is modern yoga run by monkeys?

Monkeys are great at climbing trees. Their strong, flexible bodies are perfect for racing up and down the branches where they find food, shelter and companionship. From high up in the tree-tops the monkeys look down on the elephant.


The elephant is possessed of great strength and calm. Her sensitive, flexible trunk allows her to perform tasks of amazing dexterity. She is smart, loyal and looks after the other members of her community. But she's hopeless at climbing trees.


Naturally the monkeys place a high value on tree climbing – it offers so many benefits and it feels fantastic. Everybody should do it! Some of them look down on elephant and simply ignore her – she looks all wrong and will never be any good at climbing trees.


Other monkeys feel great compassion for the elephant - the poor thing. Perhaps if she learns to engage the right muscles and improves her core and upper body strength she will be able to enjoy the wonders of tree climbing too.


It takes a wise monkey to see the elephant’s strength and beauty and value her for her own rich and innate worth.


Is modern yoga run by monkeys?