My TWO Christmas Gifts To You, Yogis!

The silly season has arrived - but I have two very *sensible* gifts for you. If you're a yoga teacher (and a perfectionist), you're going to love this!


1. A 30 minute grounding and calming yoga practice - just what we all need at the end of 2020! No 'challenges', no effort, this breath-centred class is all about finding your centre. Follow this link to enjoy the practice.


2. An important learning. Are you a perfectionist? If you're nodding your head, then this important learning is especially for you....


You'll notice when you watch the video of my Christmas gift practice that there are all kinds of things wrong:

  • I'm not using a microphone so the sound isn't perfect. 
  • I'm not wearing flattering clothes, hair and make-up.
  • The camera angle's all wrong so the wall in the background is wonky.


I'm sure if you look hard, you'll find lots of other stuff that's a bit off.


So what's the learning here? 


In this video, I have created something from the heart that I am offering to you with humility and gratitude. I enjoyed making it and I hope you will enjoy practicing it.


I could have spent days perfecting it. I could have picked it all apart and criticised everything I did. I could have decided that nobody wants what I have to offer, with all its flaws, and dumped the whole idea. 


But I didn't.


Despite the rough edges and imperfections, I am sharing it. I got it done. I put it out there.  I'm not afraid to be judged by others for doing something that I believe has meaning and is useful in the world. I was kind to myself in the making and sharing of this video. 


I invite you to be kind to yourself as we near the end of what has been a wild and challenging year. Keep creating offerings from the heart and sharing them. Believe that what you do matters. Let go of judging yourself harshly. 


That's my second gift to you this Christmas. The gift of self-compassion. The gift of encouragement to keep on doing what you do, sharing it with others in the spirit of love and gratitude. The gift of moving forward, bit by bit, rather than getting stuck in the quicksand of self-doubt. 


I see you, working and caring so hard. Recognise that what you have to offer the world is real and important. Then go do it. You've got this.


Have a beautiful day!