Buddhas, Balloons and deep meditation in Myanmar

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Can you imagine what it would be like to meditate in an ancient Buddhist pagoda? That's one of the most memorable experiences at our second destination on the Adore Myanmar Yoga Adventure. 

Read about our first destination and WHY we're taking a yoga retreat to Myanmar with our students here.  


We fly from the tropical beaches of Ngapali to the 'dry zone' at Bagan. It’s hard to describe this majestic and visually stunning place. Think Angkor Wat without all the tourists and you’re getting close. The ancient city of Bagan has over 2,000 ancient Buddhist pagodas and is set in a beautiful natural location in a bend in the mighty Irrawaddy river.


We’ll be visiting some of these extraordinary pagodas and practicing traditional meditation techniques in and around the temple compounds – it’s a very spiritual and inspiring experience.

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Myanmar is a Buddhist country and takes strict Buddhist observances very seriously. One of the reasons why we focus on meditation more than yoga in Bagan is our commitment to respecting local and religious sensibilities. If you’ve been to a Buddhist temple before, you’ve probably been told not to point your feet towards images of the Buddha – it’s considered extremely disrespectful.


Here in Myanmar, that rule extends to pointing any part of your body toward  images of the Buddha or a pagoda. With 2,000 pagodas in Bagan, it’s pretty hard to do yoga without inadvertently pointing at a temple! That’s why we enjoy the temples in a respectful way, sitting for meditation and not climbing or taking yoga selfies on them! We also help you to dress appropriately so that you’ll be able to gain entry to the bigger and more important pagodas (sarongs are a must!)


Our accommodation in Bagan

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We're staying in the heart of the ancient city at the Hotel Umbra. Umbra has two pools, poolside dining areas, modern rooms with ensuite and a 900yr old Pagoda within the grounds. It's just a short walk (or bike ride) from some of the most important temples in the Bagan precinct.


Our Community Partner in Bagan

We’ve found some spots in Bagan where it’s safe and respectful to practice yoga AND we can support local community initiatives. Yoga Bagan is a co-venture between Myanmar and European yogis and travel experts who have created beautiful spaces to do yoga, meditate and enjoy adventures including bike tours, all the while developing training and employment opportunities for local people.


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