Perfectionism will stop you teaching yoga online

Perfectionism and yoga videos

Let's be honest. Many of us yoga teachers have a streak of perfectionism a mile wide. And that gets in our way. It stops us from taking risks, innovating and doing our best work. If you're trying to get your yoga classes online in the current challenging climate, nothing's going to get in your way faster than perfectionism. Here's why. 

Your students don't care if you stuff up a bit when you're filming.

Nobody cares what you're wearing or what your body size is.

You are NOT in competition with the professional yoga streaming channels.


You have an enormous opportunity right now to carve your own path and serve your students in their time of greatest need. It's time to step into your own power and do it! Watch the video below to learn why perfectionism is not your friend right now and how to change your mindset to do what you want, and need, to do.