the adore yoga manifesto

I wrote the first Adore Yoga Manifesto in 2009. It seemed to me that if a yoga-focused organisation didn't stand for something it would fall for anything. From body shaming (think Chip Wilson) to hybrid novelty classes (Doga, Yoga & Wine, Hangover Yoga) to having sex with your students (oh, where to begin? Perhaps here, here andhere). And so I took a long hard look at the values we want to embody at Adore Yoga and came up with a manifesto that set out what we stand for. 
Over the years, both Adore Yoga and I have grown. I took another look at the original manifesto this week as I put it in to the prospectus for a Yoga Therapy course I've created. There was something missing. Although diversity and service were implicit in the first draft of the manifesto, I felt that the yoga industry has become so polarised, it was necessary to spell these things out. So that's what I've done. I'd welcome your feedback on the new Adore Yoga Manifesto:

The Adore Yoga Manifesto

  • Yoga is important. It changes lives because it changes our understanding of who we are.


  • Yoga is accessible to all people regardless of age, body type, ethnicity, gender identification and background.


  • Yoga is more than asana. It’s a rich tradition that brings lasting personal transformation.

  • Yoga uses many tools, including movement, breath, concentration, healthy lifestyle and mindful action to help us remove the obstacles to a happy and peaceful life.


  • Where possible, learn yoga from experienced, well trained teachers who never stop learning from their own experienced, well trained teachers.


  • The best yoga style is the one most suited to your individual needs. There is no single system or approach that is right for everybody.


  • Yoga is safest and most effective when it is adapted to each individual in small groups or one-on-one.


  • Yoga is about relationships: your relationship with yourself, your relationship with the world and your relationship with your true source.


  • The first principle of raja yoga is Yama - ethical behaviour in relationships. At Adore Yoga, we are guided by our commitment to acting ethically in relationships and strive to be mindful of the consequences of our actions, or inaction, on all beings and the planet itself.