Have you been thinking about what direction to take in 2022? I’m finding it really hard to think about making plans for the coming year. 


In 2021, I lost out on a family holiday (twice) and a training I really wanted to do was cancelled at the last minute.Thanks a lot, COVID-19. 


These experiences have made me nervous about planning for the new year. I feel like I used up all my optimism on 31 December 2020 when I said:  “Well, that was a challenging year! Let’s put it behind us and move into a brand new year.” And then, of course, 2021 happened.

But life goes on and we have all had to find creative ways to navigate the obstacles being chucked at us. My top tip? Afternoon naps and yoga nidra. And if you follow me on social media, you know how important ocean swimming has been.


So how can we approach 2022? Together. 


If I learned anything in 2021, it’s the power of connection. In a year when most of us faced physical isolation, connection has been crucial. I don’t know about you, but I’ve really had to work at it! And that work has brought extraordinary rewards. 


I might not have hugged all my friends and relatives in person at Christmas, but the connections I consciously cultivated throughout the year have created a feeling of purpose and closeness that transcends physical distance. 


I haven’t been able to travel to the places I love, but nurturing close connection with the parts of the natural world that are available to me has been richly rewarding. 


I couldn’t invite students into my home for Yoga Therapy training as usual, but we have grown together and supported each other in new ways thanks to technology.


I know that 2022 will bring more changes and challenges. But there are things that we CAN rely on to carry us through. Our connections to each other and to the natural world. Our yoga practice (even if it is just a few short minutes in the kitchen!) Our meditation practice (even shorter!) 


The sun will rise every morning and set every evening. While the world around us might seem to be spinning out of control, settling into nature’s rhythms can be one of the greatest comforts in life. 


Whatever direction you choose to take in 2022, I hope that you can follow your path with lightness and intention. I hope that the connections you cultivate bring you peace and joy. I hope that you find meaning and purpose in a world that can feel chaotic.  


I’m looking forward to moving into the new year with you - life is always better together. 


Lot's of love

Nik x


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