The online secrets of successful yoga teachers

Would you love some inspiring insight that will help you better serve your students and build your yoga business online?


Adore Yoga recently conducted The State of Online Yoga Teaching in Australia survey. We listened to the trials and triumphs of Australian yoga teachers as they navigated the new online landscape we have been catapulted into in this year.


And we've learned some very interesting things that will help you serve and earn more...


For example...

Serving your students better

Teachers who completed the survey offered valuable tips for getting your online teaching to work seamlessly for your students, including: 


  • Write yourself a checklist for setting up and going live, including a reminder to press 'record'.
  • Be playful with it. Go slower - allow more set up time
  • Repeat poses & cues as it is more about audio listening for your students. 
  • Simple sequences are easier to build confidence in teaching online.
  • Start with what you have eg, computer, laptop, iPhone before buying any equipment which you may not need.
  • Good lighting and a head mic are essential
  • Observe students rather than demonstrate. 
  • Have your notes written on large paper propped up against something so you can read them


Earning from teaching online

We learned from the survey results that about 1/3 of yoga teachers are maximising their income from teaching online, while the rest are leaving money on the table. For example: 


  • 67% of teachers are NOT charging for recordings of their classes (of those who are charging, nearly 60% are earning $11-$25 per class - that's money you're leaving on the table if you don't record and sell your class recordings!)

  • 55% of yoga teachers are earning the same or more than they were before Covid, demonstrating that teaching online offers many opportunities to increase what you earn.

  • The hidden secret of online success (only 16% of teachers have discovered it!) is..... Digital Courses. Of those teachers who are creating Digital Courses, nearly 60% are charging more than $50 per course and 24% charge over $200 per course.


Creating and selling Digital Courses is an opportunity worth exploring if you want to expand the way you serve your students. Digital Courses sell VERY well at Adore Yoga and allow us to reach students who'd never be able to learn from our wonderful teachers without them.


I'd be happy to guide you with some practical steps for how to get started (in fact, I'm thinking of running a free Masterclass in creating Digital Yoga Courses in the new year - let me know if you'd be interested!)


Meanwhile, here's a link to those fascinating and insightful results from our The State of Online Yoga Teaching survey: 


Show me the survey results!