3 great news stories for yoga teachers who lost work because of Covid

Less booze, more yoga

Are you one of the many thousands of yoga teachers who have had their classes destroyed or dramatically reduced since March 2020? Covid-19 has certainly been tough on yoga teachers. But three pieces of news this week got me excited about the future of yoga.


Less booze, more yoga

When Covid-19 first hit, people's spending patterns changed dramatically. Spending on services screeched to a halt. From yoga classes to restaurants, service providers shut their doors while spending on groceries and alcohol soared. But that's all changing.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory have, compared to other states, weathered the Covid-19 storm. And spending on services has roared back. Arts, recreation and leisure have all seen an increase in spending in recent weeks. 

That's good news for everyone. As lock-down rules ease across the country, people are coming back to their usual activities like yoga.

Yoga for mental health

Do you know who hasn't been short of work since Covid-19 hit? Psychologists. Speak to just about any mental health professional (or anybody who has tried to book an appointment with one) and you'll know that many have closed their books or have long wait-lists.

People are looking for solutions to the stress and anxiety triggered by the pandemic. Experienced yoga teachers are in a perfect position to step in and support students to manage their mental health. If you haven't trained in teaching yoga or meditation for people with mental health issues, now is a good time to up-skill.


Online (and offline) yoga rocks

While many students will be making their way back to their local yoga studios, others will choose to keep practicing online. Covid-19 has converted many technophobes and people who thought they'd never enjoy yoga online have decided to stick with it. That doesn't mean they won't be coming to face to face classes, though. It looks as though students will be getting their yoga from several sources, picking and choosing live and online classes to suit their schedules.

This is great news for yoga teachers who have invested in teaching online. The opportunities for growing your online classes are enormous – your capacity to reach students is much greater online than in the local gym.

Many teachers are branching out into developing online courses. These are great because, once you've built them, you can sell them over and over again. I can say from experience that you really CAN sell online yoga courses while you sleep!


Bright future

While things are still very difficult for many yoga teachers, the future is looking brighter. Students are returning to class and, even if studios keep closing and reopening as Covid-19 infection rates fluctuate, student numbers will keep bouncing back. New students are looking for solutions to their mental health issues and yoga is just what people need right now. And online yoga courses are offering new pathways to increasing earnings as yoga teachers are no longer limited by geography.

We're not out of the woods yet, but there's plenty of reason to feel inspired about the future. We can do this!


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