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What do coronavirus and yoga have in common? More than you think.

Why is coronavirus like yoga? - Because it’s disrupting the patterns of our everyday lives. - It’s changing our habitual behaviour. - It’s making us question how we live. That’s what yoga does. If you think of yoga as a panacea for the stress...

Your students need calm - here's your free meditation e-course

We could all do with a big dose of calm right now. The anxiety, stress and fear generated by the COVID-19 crisis is real. Governments are ramping up mental health services to cope with the fall-out. My students, some of whom have been resistant to...

Can you meditate with your eyes open?

Not everybody is comfortable closing their eyes to meditation. People with PTSD, anxiety and many beginners often find closing their eyes to meditation confronting and uncomfortable. This video blog walks you through a moving meditation that is...

Three reasons why yoga teachers are scared of teaching meditation

I used to be scared of teaching meditation in my yoga classes. Here’s why: