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01 Dec
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Curious to know how Aussie yoga teachers are succeeding online? Our survey results are in!

It's the biggest yoga teaching survey of its kind, uncovering the successes and pitfalls for Australian yoga teachers taking their classes online in 2020.

The results are in! We’ve got some AMAZING insights that will inspire every Aussie yoga teacher thinking about, or already working, online.


So, what did we discover?

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17 Nov
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Why you should be using video messages in your yoga business (and how).

This is a picture of me doing something that has been making a big difference to my yoga teaching and to my students.

Video messaging.

It’s free, it's super easy and it’s achieved three amazing things in my yoga business:


1.           My students LOVE it

2.           I’ve saved a tonne of time

3.           It’s made me more money


The great thing about video messaging is that there are no big video files to upload or download. You make a recording using a free app which then generates a URL (web link) to send to your students. 


I’ll explain a bit more about how it works, and share the apps that I use, in a moment. But I want to share with you how I’m using video messaging and why it’s helping me save time, make more money and make my students very happy!


Here are five ways I use video messaging:

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22 Sep
Posted by Nikola Ellis

3 great news stories for yoga teachers who lost work because of Covid

Are you one of the many thousands of yoga teachers who have had their classes destroyed or dramatically reduced since March 2020? Covid-19 has certainly been tough on yoga teachers. But three pieces of news this week got me excited about the future of yoga.


Less booze, more yoga

When Covid-19 first hit, people's spending patterns changed dramatically. Spending on services screeched to a halt. From yoga classes to restaurants, service providers shut their doors while spending on groceries and alcohol soared. But that's all changing.

Western Australia and the Northern Territory have, compared to other states, weathered the Covid-19 storm. And spending on services has roared back. Arts, recreation and leisure have all seen an increase in spending in recent weeks. 

That's good news for everyone. As lock-down rules ease across the country, people are coming back to their usual activities like yoga.

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02 May
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Teaching income decimated? Here's how survive the next 3 months as a yoga teacher

You’re teaching a fraction of the students you were reaching few weeks ago. Your income has been decimated. You’ve tried taking your classes online but it’s not paying the bills. What can you do to fix things? Plenty.


There are two things you need to do right now:


  1. Build your classes right away to earn some income 
  2. Get ready for the future - business as usual is not coming back and you need to prepare for the new opportunities waiting for you.


Here are four proven ways to get your classes humming and your future looking bright. 

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27 Apr
Posted by Nikola Ellis

4 ways to bring ‘touch’ to your online yoga classes

Are you missing the human contact when you teach yoga online? You’re not the only one. The sense of connection that comes from practicing yoga together is my favourite part of teaching. Your students are yearning for it. What’s more, the need for authentic connection is stopping many people from doing yoga online - or leading them to drop out after trying it for a while.


So how can you create a deep sense of connection with your students while teaching online? Can you ever reproduce the ‘touch’ of a compassionate adjustment via webcam?



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24 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Videos guides to teaching yoga online

I LOVE how creative and innovative the yoga teaching community is. And right now, you're showing up exactly when you're needed most. As yoga studios and gyms shut down, yoga teachers who never thought they'd have to wrap their heads around technology are finding new ways to serve their students.

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23 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

Why the world needs yoga teachers right now

If you're a yoga teacher, you are one of the most important people on the planet right now. You know why? Because you have the skills to lead a revolution in kindness, compassion and the vital life-skills that we all need right now.


Who better to lead our communities through this challenging time than yoga teachers? Let's look at all the things your an expert in: 

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21 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

How do I edit my yoga class video?

Recorded a yoga class on Zoom and want to edit out the bit at the beginning where you were shouting at your kids to be quiet?

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20 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

What platform should I use for storing my yoga class videos?

If you're teaching yoga online, you need to record and store your classes. Even if you're live-streaming, it's a good idea to record classes so that current students can access them and future students can get a taste of what you do! So where should you store your videos?

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16 Mar
Posted by Nikola Ellis

A quick and dirty guide to teaching yoga online

Lots of yoga teachers are, quite justifiably, worried about making an income and serving their students during the COVID-19 lockdown. 


One of the best ways to keep students safe and the bills paid is to teach online. But if you’re a technophobe, where do you start?


This simple guide is designed for yoga teachers who are thinking about teaching online but have no idea where to start. That was me a few years ago. 

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