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The 9-step formula to find new yoga students

Are you looking for a simple way to build your student numbers? This blog walks you through a proven 9-step process for finding - and keeping - new yoga students.

Your students need calm - here's your free meditation e-course

We could all do with a big dose of calm right now. The anxiety, stress and fear generated by the COVID-19 crisis is real. Governments are ramping up mental health services to cope with the fall-out. My students, some of whom have been resistant to...

Three reasons why yoga teachers are scared of teaching meditation

I used to be scared of teaching meditation in my yoga classes. Here’s why:

Tips for teaching meditation - preparation

Do you want to teach your students to meditate but don't know where to start? Meditation can be difficult at first and finding ways to make it accessible to your students can be challenging. One of the things that can make learning to meditate...

The 20 Second Meditation Technique

Have you ever tried to do a regular meditation practice, only to find yourself constantly distracted by ‘more important’ things? Here’s the secret: save yourself 20 seconds and you’ll gain several hours to dedicate to your practice. Willpower alone...