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Why you should stop using online resources to sequence your yoga classes

Are you using those online sequencing resources to prepare your yoga classes? You might be short-changing your students. While online sequences can be inspiring, there are three good reasons not to use them:

Why I closed the Adore Yoga studio in Mosman

This week I closed the door to Adore Yoga’s Mosman studio for the last time. For nearly two decades, the students and teachers at the studio have woven yoga into the fabric of our lives, finding encouragement and inspiration as we raised our...

The tyranny of vinyasa – why asana sequencing is NOT choreography

I’ve been dropping in to a few casual yoga classes in my neighbourhood recently and I’ve noticed a worrying trend. Too many teachers are mistaking asana sequencing for choreography. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of ‘flowing’ vinyasa. There’s...

Yoga sequencing - Three things you're doing wrong

I’ve been to a few yoga classes recently that indicate there's a sequencing-tastrophe happening in yoga studios in Sydney. Some of the 'sequencing' I've experienced can best be described as choreography, with teachers far more concerned about flow...