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Yoga for Cancer

Yoga and ovarian cancer

February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. As a yoga therapist who works extensively with cancer patients, I have seen how yoga can support people with ovarian cancer to manage their symptoms and live more balanced lives.

Yoga for Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF)

Beating cancer is certainly something to celebrate. While one in two Australians will experience a cancer diagnosis during their life, more and more people are beating cancer thanks to increasingly sophisticated treatments. Getting the all-clear is...

Yoga for Cancer Research Roundup

Does yoga really help people living with cancer? What does the research say? If you're going to teach or practice yoga in the hope that it can help students manage their cancer treatment, it's important to understand the evidence base. The Yoga...

Can yoga change the world?

Can yoga change the world? Or is it just a fitness fad that sells a lot of brightly patterned tights? Some days I wonder. But then I watch something wonderful happening in a yoga room and know the answer is great big, unambiguous YES. Yoga can...