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Yoga and Eating Disorders – What works?

  Can yoga help people recovering from an eating disorder? A number of studies have investigated yoga for eating disorders, so what do they tell us about how and why yoga can help?    

How to navigate 2022 with courage and hope

  We faced some challenges last year, right? Here's what I learned during 2021 and how I'll be dealing with whatever 2022 chucks at us.   I’m taking what builds courage and hope - and I'm RUNNING with it (check out this video that shows you how...

Yoga for panic attacks

This blog contains descriptions of panic attacks. If you would prefer not to read those details, you can skip down.   When I had my first panic attack, I thought I was going to die. I was 21 years old and had no idea what was happening to me.    ...

Why you should stop using online resources to sequence your yoga classes

Are you using those online sequencing resources to prepare your yoga classes? You might be short-changing your students. While online sequences can be inspiring, there are three good reasons not to use them:

Why Can’t I Sleep Through The Night? Sleep, Mental Health and how Yoga Helps.


My TWO Christmas Gifts To You, Yogis!

The silly season has arrived - but I have two very *sensible* gifts for you. If you're a yoga teacher (and a perfectionist), you're going to love this!  

Ayurveda for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

I loved learning about Ayurveda when I did my very first yoga teacher training. In fact, it was one of the highlights of the course. But, after that first training, I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge to incorporate Ayurveda into my classes...

How to teach yoga for eating disorders

Does yoga help people with eating disorders? What kind of yoga is best? Can yoga actually be harmful? These are some of the questions I wanted to answer when I embarked on a research project about yoga therapy for eating disorders, working with...

Why yoga teachers need to understand Googling is NOT research

As a yoga teacher, your students look to you for advice. You may not feel like an expert, but your students trust you. That trust often extends to areas of knowledge outside your expertise and training. For example, a student may ask you for help...


Remember the buzz when you started your first yoga teacher training? The pure joy of doing something truly meaningful with a group of like-minded people? Then there was the excitement of taking your first steps as a yoga teacher – scary but oh so...