What platform should I use for storing my yoga class videos?

If you're teaching yoga online, you need to record and store your classes. Even if you're live-streaming, it's a good idea to record classes so that current students can access them and future students can get a taste of what you do! So where should you store your videos?


To learn about some options that might work for you, watch this video or read the text below.





Where you shouldn't store your videos is on your own website - even if you manage to upload your massive video files, they will make your page and site slow and clunky. 


If you're using Zoom to record your classes, I wouldn't recommend storing your videos on Zoom. Even with a paid subscription, you only get a very small amount of storage and upgrading to a bigger capacity is SUPER expensive. 


I use Zoom to live-stream and record classes, then download the videos from Zoom to my laptop. I then upload the videos from my laptop to Vimeo. Yes, I do have a paid subscription to Vimeo, but it's worth it for the storage, speed of uploads and some other cool stuff too. 


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