why i don't meditate

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Why I DON'T Meditate


1. I don't have time


2. My mind is too busy


3. There's always something more important that needs doing


4. I have two very active kids


5. It's uncomfortable sitting still for too long


6. It makes me frustrated when I keep getting distracted


7. I need the extra twenty minutes sleep more than I need to get up and meditate 



Why I DO Meditate


1. Meditation creates more time. The presence of mind it brings puts a stop to the feeling that everything is spinning out of control.


2. Even on the days when it's hard to concentrate, I feel a whole lot calmer  after a few minutes focusing on my breath.


3. When I feel there's always something more important to do, I refer to point #1.


4. My kids need me to meditate. They don't need a hyped up stress monkey shouting at them.


5. Sitting in meditation reminds me that it's ok to feel uncomfortable sometimes. Life isn't always cosy. It teaches me to breath easy through the rough as well as the smooth.


6. It teaches me to observe strong destructive emotions and embrace them in a way that takes away the sting.


7. Without meditation, I can become tired and overwhelmed. A short daily practice helps me manage my energy levels.


Do you have a lot of reasons why you don't learn to meditate? Try making a list of why you should try it, then hop over and experiment with our free 5 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Just 5 minutes a day can make a big difference. 


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