Yoga for Cancer Research Roundup

Research Roundup Cancer Covershot


Does yoga really help people living with cancer? What does the research say? If you're going to teach or practice yoga in the hope that it can help students manage their cancer treatment, it's important to understand the evidence base. The Yoga for Cancer Research Roundup is a special report that highlights cutting edge research on yoga for cancer. 


Yoga Therapy is an exciting and rapidly growing complementary health modality. More and more research is backing up the benefits of therapeutic yoga for a variety of health conditions. One of the most well researched areas is Yoga Therapy to support people living with cancer.


Adore Yoga provides specialised Yoga Therapy programs for both The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and Cancer Council NSW. These programs are evidence based, which means that we look at the evidence for yoga in the care of people with cancer and related health conditions and develop programs that are very carefully designed to be safe and effective for those students. 


To help both yoga teachers and students understand the benefits of Yoga Therapy, we produce regular Research Roundups. These Roundups present the most recent and high quality research in an easy to access format. 


If you are practicing yoga to support your treatment or recovery from cancer - or if you are a yoga teacher supporting students with cancer, download this valuable, free resource now.


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