Yoga and MeditaTion Retreat in Myanmar 

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This is the second in a series of blog posts about the Adore Myanmar Yoga Adventure (Nov 2018) and how this exciting trip to Myanmar is supporting local communities as well as inspiring our students. Read the first post here.


On the very first day in Myanmar, you'll experience two sides of this land of extreme contrasts. We meet in Yangon, a busy, bustling and rapidly modernising Asian city with a population of over 5 million. Then we fly 1hr north west to Thandwe, the gateway airport to one of the most stunning stretches of unspoiled beaches in Asia, Ngapali Beach. This is where the pace changes – radically!

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Ngapali, tucked into the Bay of Bengal, has 25kms of pristine, white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees. Life here is super laid back, with plenty of opportunities for snorkeling in the clear blue waters, relaxing on the beach or exploring the local fishing villages.


Legend has it that Ngapali was named by a homesick Italian who named it after his home town of Naples (Napoli), but Naples was never this chilled! This is not a beach-party location. Ngapali is still low key, with the many small restaurants and cafes closing in time for a nice early night! That makes it the perfect venue for a yoga retreat.


Our Accommodation at Ngapali

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We'll be staying right on the beachfront at Yoga Cherry Lodge. This boutique hotel is just beautiful, with an al-fresco dining area on the beach and comfortable twin rooms with modern ensuite. You'll love it!


Our Community Partners in Ngapali


Myanmar in in the midst of significant cultural and political change, bringing both hope and upheaval to many of its citizens. At Adore Yoga, we are very aware of the challenges facing the people in Myanmar.


As part of our commitment to give back to the communities we visit, we have built partnerships with local community leaders who are making a real difference at a grass roots level. Here at Ngapali, we are partnering with Sue Ozturk, founder of the Lintha English School. 


While Ngapali Beach is a stunning travel destination, it is situated in the poorest state in Myanmar. Not everybody has access to good education and health facilities in this part of the country and the Lintha school plays a vital role in the future of this wonderful community.


You’ll get to visit the school and see first hand the important work they are doing (you may even get to try your hand at teaching some English!). A percentage of the proceeds from the Adore Yoga Myanmar Adventure go towards supporting the vital work of the Lintha English School.


Discover our second location in Myanmar in the next blog post.


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