Is yoga therapy an actual career?


Congratulations! You've graduated from your Yoga Therapy training! So, now what....? Does being a yoga therapist help you get more work? Do yoga therapists earn more? Where are yoga therapists working? In short, is being a yoga therapist an actual career? If you're deciding if you should become a yoga therapist, these are important questions.


Not so long ago, yoga therapy was unheard of. Yoga teachers taught classes in studios, gyms and their own homes and, while yoga was generally thought of as a healthy thing, the benefits weren't clear. But in recent years, all that has changed.


Yoga Therapy is now a recognised and rapidly growing modality that is receiving increasing attention in public hospitals, private clinics, non-profits and among the general public. One of the key drivers for this growth is research. As more and more high quality studies demonstrate that Yoga Therapy has measurable benefits, the demand for Yoga Therapists increases.


In the USA, teachers can now get their yoga therapy certification through university courses and a growing number of hospitals and clinics offer Yoga Therapy as part of their integrated medicine programs. In Australia, this process is also underway as standards for Yoga Therapist training are refined and partnerships with healthcare providers develop.


Some of the areas in which graduates of the Adore Yoga Therapy programs are currently working include:


  • Clinical practitioner in public and private hospitals
  • Consulting and practicing in private clinics
  • Yoga Therapy program design and delivery in mental health facilities
  • Consulting and practicing with charities and non-profits
  • Private clinical practice
  • Clinical practitioner in integrative health, medical and fitness centres
  • Consultant for public and community health projects
  • Writer, publisher and educator
  • Online yoga therapy for private clients


A high quality, accredited Yoga Therapy training program should equip Yoga Therapists with the skills and experience to practice with confidence, providing:


  • Live case studies – work with real clients throughout your training
  • Student clinic – gain the experience, skills and confidence you need to work with a diverse range of clients and health conditions.
  • Medical literacy – learn to read and interpret reports from doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and other health professionals.
  • Professional networks – how to build productive networks that support both your clients and your career.
  • Ethical marketing – training in proven, do-able marketing techniques that are simple and don’t make you feel like a salesperson.


Graduates of the Adore Yoga Therapy teacher trainings are expected to become leading practitioners and influencers in the field of Yoga Therapy in Australia and internationally. As yoga therapy grows as a modality, so the demand for certified yoga therapists increases. That's good news for both yoga therapists and the wellbeing of the people who seek them out.


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